We wish to inform you that Langley School will be undergoing an Ofsted inspection on Tuesday 21st May, and Wednesday 22nd May 2024. The inspection is an important opportunity for us to showcase the hard work and dedication of our staff and pupils.

Blackberries and frogs

20th September 2023

We welcomed Firs to Forest School this week. They had fun picking blackberries and collecting them in a basket. We then squashed them using our pestle and mortar and some potato mashers. The children  painted pictures using the juice…
So much to do, learn and explore in Forest School…
Acers used some of the blackberries they had collected last week, to make some blackberry playdoh. Everyone took turns to add all the ingredients and to stir the dough until it was ready. We all enjoyed playing with it afterwards!
Acers also made some Autumn words using the letter stones, made some fabulous mud meals, climbed and explored, used the screwdrivers and enjoyed digging and transporting soil. 
It was a really wet day today, but Oaks had a great time splashing in puddles, playing and exploring in the rain. 

We were very lucky to see a little frog in our Forest School garden…we’re sure he’s one of the frogs that grew from tadpoles in our pond last term. We all looked  closely at him and very gently touched his back. It was all very exciting!
We cut short our session and took our activities inside today. We made some super sensory bottles, using lots of Autumn treasures such as acorns, conkers, leaves, sycamore keys and sticks.