We wish to inform you that Langley School will be undergoing an Ofsted inspection on Tuesday 21st May, and Wednesday 22nd May 2024. The inspection is an important opportunity for us to showcase the hard work and dedication of our staff and pupils.

Threading (and loving our last session!)

14th July 2021

Firs class enjoyed using elder beads to make themselves a wriggly caterpillar this morning. 
Elder sticks were cut into small sections and the soft pith removed from the middle, using a palm drill or tent peg to push it out. 

We then threaded the beads onto string and added some eyes…

We hunted for minibeasts and enjoyed looking carefully at them and finding out what they were 
We loved playing with the toy birds, listening to them sing, and looking for birds in the trees…
We had so much fun playing on the hay bales, swinging, climbing, digging and enjoying our sunshiny Forest School. What a fabulous last session