More lovely leaves and a fire

25th October 2023

Firs loved using the hammer today, to make these colourful leaf decorations. 
They chose a small cookie cutter, hammered it into a leaf and then glued the stamped out shape onto another leaf. We have displayed the leaves outside the classroom so everyone who passes by, can see them. 
Firs also enjoyed finding and matching different coloured autumn leaves.
For Acers last session, we had a special treat! We all had a turn at using the fire striker to make a spark and then watched as the fire was lit. Everyone helped to add a stick to the fire and when it was ready, we melted some chocolate and used it to cover some bananas and biscuits. Yummy! We all helped to put the fire out so that it was safe. 
Oaks enjoyed lots of different activities including sensory, fine motor, gross motor, colour matching, investigation and creative skills. There is always so much to explore and get involved with!