Music, magic and bricks

12th January 2022

This term, the children across School will be thinking about traditional tales. We will be incorporating different stories into some of our forest school activities. 
This week, we started thinking about the 3 little pigs…
Both Beeches and Firs classes have enjoyed making musical instruments this week, using different natural resources to make different sounds. Beeches tried to make a loud sound to help the 3 little pigs to scare away the wolf! 
Beeches class looked at bricks and felt how heavy they were. We talked about how to carefully move them and had a go at lifting and transporting them in a wheelbarrow. The bricks looked a bit dirty so we cleaned them with some water and then used them to build some small brick houses.
We also used rubber bricks, which were a lot lighter!
They also had lots of fun choosing, exploring and challenging themselves on the new rope ladder…
Firs children had such fun playing, climbing  and investigating…
Acers class talked about the directions on a compass this afternoon, and learnt which direction was NORTH, EAST, SOUTH and WEST from the log circle. They played a listening game, moving in different ways and in different directions. The children were very good at finding North South East and West… but Mr Lynn kept getting it wrong and needed the children to help him!
Mrs Smith remembered the story we read last week about making a magic potion…and decided that if she made a magic ‘directions’ potion, it might help Mr.Lynn learn which way to go! The magic potion worked, and Mr. Lynn was able to go the right way when we chose different directions for him.
Everyone decided to make their own special potion, carefully selecting different ingredients and mixing them together with special magic coloured water…
We Tried them out when they were done. We had potions that made us sing, jump, freeze, turn around in a circle and dance like a chicken! We had so much fun using our potions on one another.
Fun, fun, fun in Forest School…!