Snails and Elderflower cordial

29th June 2022

Rowans and Firs learnt about snails this week…and enjoyed looking at how they moved and how they emerged from their shells. 
We did some super snail activities too, including cracking shells and using them to stick onto a snail picture, squashing blackberries onto a cloth snail and hammering nails into a beautiful spiral shell pattern on an upsidedown melon!
Poplars had a super afternoon working together, helping to make elderflower cordial.
Mrs Smith had already cut down some blossom from the trees so Poplar’s first job was to carefully snip  some white flowers into a big bowl. 
Next they gave the flowers a wash and then cut up some oranges and lemons. Then they added sugar, the fruit and boiling water and then left it to infuse.
Once the elderflower cordial has been strained it will be delicious to drink.