Pumpkins, apples and pizzas!

19th October 2022

Beeches had their last session of the term this week…they will return to Forest School in the summer.
They loved using a hammer to knock golf tees into a big pumpkin.
They also used another Autumn fruit-apples-to make some bird and squirrel feeders for our woodland friends. 
This week, Firs class worked together to make salt dough, and then used it to make individual Autumn Pizzas. They enjoyed selecting their ‘treasures’ including acorns, conkers, cones, leaves and sycamore seeds and squishing them into the dough!  
Acers also had their last session, and as they were so fabulous last week when making and cooking on our fire, we decided they were ready to have a go at lighting their own mini ‘fairy fires’, using cotton wool. They listened, concentrated and worked really hard and really enjoyed the opportunity to be independent in this task. 
Acers also made some apple, peanut butter and bird seed feeders and enjoyed having a go at using the hammer…