Lovely Leaves

5th October 2022

Beeches learnt how to use the conker clamp and a palm drill this morning. They carefully twisted the drill to make a hole in a conker, and then threaded it onto a string (along with some beautiful Autumn leaves) to make these class mobiles…
They also used our Autumn treasures to make some fabulous forest faces!
And sorted a basket of leaves into different colours, matching them to the colour paint-swatches
Firs class had a go at making sensory bottles…adding leaves, sticks, acorns, conkers and other forest-finds and then pouring water in. They were fun to shake and play with.
They also played with the guttering stands…enjoying rolling conkers down them and collecting them at the end. 

Firs children had a fabulous time exploring and using lots of different activities… 
Acers recapped the story they had listened to last week…then found a letter that had been left for them by Leaf Man!! Leaf man needed their help to rebuild some homes for he and his friends…so we set to work making mini- homes in small groups. Each group worked really hard, cooperated well and had some great ideas to help build a home to keep leaf man warm and dry…
Acers really enjoyed playing a new game this week called ‘Find My Tree’. They took turns to be blindfolded and carefully guided by their friends and an adult, to feel a tree. They felt for bumps, lumps, bends, knots and how thick or thin the trunk was. They were then led away and the blindfold was removed, leaving them to look around and guess which tree it was they had felt whilst blindfolded. The children were really happy and confident in doing this and tried really hard to guess the correct tree, often finding the right one!