Tools and a fire

15th November 2022

Oaks class have settled brilliantly into our Forest School routines. They are sitting with increasing independence in the log circle, in order to look at our visual timetable of activities at the start of our sessions… and are using symbols to choose their favourite activities to sing about at the end of each session. We are very proud of them.
This week they enjoyed using the hand and palm drill, threading conkers, making conker firework pictures, being creative builders with planks of wood, using the pulley system, making mud pies and balancing on a line of milk crates. There’s always something fun to do in Forest School!
Poplars worked together to help collect and sort sticks for our fire. Everyone had a go at using the fire striker and at adding sticks to the fire. We made popcorn on the fire and really enjoyed eating it!
We had a very wet (flooded) and windy site this morning so unfortunately Forest School had to come indoors.
We made the most of it though… We used the hand drill and palm drill, we made our own blackberry Play-Doh and used it to make leaves, wriggly worms, snails and allsorts of other creations; we made apple and seed birdfeeders and we crushed egg shells to make snail pictures.