Forest School News

10th February 2020

Willows loved using the hammers again this afternoon… this time to knock some nails into a plank of wood. They remembered that they needed to wear a glove on their helper hand, and all concentrated well on gently hammering the nails.
We also did a bit of ‘cooking’ and experimenting…
Bird watching proved to be popular last week, so we got the binoculars and bird ID sheets out again. This week, we looked at pictures of woodpeckers and tried really hard to spot one…we knew it was close by in our woods because we heard it lots of times today!
Another lovely morning for Oaks out in Forest School today. They worked hard to fill up the empty bird feeders that Firs left out last week. The birds are obviously very hungry! So we mixed up more fat and seeds, refilled the pots and then hung them out again…
We also practised our cutting skills by trimming some tree clippings and then used them to make some fabulous creations in the mud kitchen!
As always, there was lots going on all around the site-from music-making, balancing, sharing, bird watching, ball rolling to counting and sorting. What fun!
Valentine’s Hearts
It was too windy today to go out into the woods, so we stayed in Hollies instead and spent the morning creating Valentine hearts!

We use some Willow cuttings from the Forest School garden, to create these beautiful hearts…
We started by twisting wire around the bottom and middle of 2 willow sticks, then bent the  tops around and tied them on, in order to create the heart shape.
We also made these heart shaped bird feeders, using cranberries and cheerios.
We hung them up on the willow tunnel at the end of the morning…
We also drew what we loved about Forest School, and made these lovely natural hearts using a selection of resources.