Butterflies everywhere!

28th June 2023

Oaks we are so excited this morning to see our butterflies all fully emerged and using their wings to fly. They really enjoyed looking at and talking about what they could see...
We also had a look at the tadpoles in our pond which have now grown legs! 
Out in the woods, we worked on both butterfly and caterpillar crafts. We hammered bottle lids onto a plank of wood to make a very long and colourful caterpillar and made beautiful symmetrical butterflies using a range of different flowers and petals…
Everyone enjoyed investigating and experimenting with water, guttering, jugs and plastic butterflies!
At the end of the day, this term’s 3 classes gathered together to watch the butterflies being set free. We did a countdown and opened the net up. Two butterflies flew away quite quickly – high into the sky and onto some trees. The other two were not so quick to leave the garden! They needed a little encouragement to fly away… but it was great to be able to look so closely at them as they sat on Mrs Smith‘s finger. One of our butterflies had a lovely long feed on a sunflower. We could see it’s long tongue poking into the middle of the flower.
Both Willows and Maples worked hard to make this bottle top butterfly, using a hammer to carefully tap the lids into the wooden board. They made sure to choose matching lids for each wing so that the butterfly was symmetrical 
Willows and Maples also made some butterfly pictures using flowers, petals and leaves. And had fun with the water…