Super snails and the 3 little pigs

1st May 2024

This week, the learning for Willows and Rowans was focused on snails. We studied snails closely and learnt some facts about them, naming their shell, foot and tentacles-discussing the fact that the top tentacles have eyes on the end of them and the bottom ones help them to smell. We learnt that snails lay tiny eggs which are often white and that they leave a slimy trail behind them when they move. 

We did lots of different snail related activities, including
  • making snail pictures with crushed eggshells
  • making spiral patterns with natural resources, such as flowers and conkers
  • using a hammer and nails to make a pumpkin snail with a spiral shell pattern 
  • snail trails…watching snails move and observing them closely with magnifying glasses. 
Oaks class have been reading and learning about the story of the 3 Little Pigs recently, so we did some story related activities…making houses with sticks and mixing up mud to paint pictures of the wolf. 
We also enjoyed using the hammers, climbing, reading, digging, and as always-the swings were a popular choice!