Leaf rockets & conker comets

9th November 2022

This week we have been talking about the fireworks that we had all seen (and heard!) over the weekend.
Rowans worked hard on these lovely leaf rockets, which they made by cutting or tearing different coloured leaves and sticking them onto a rocket shaped piece of card. 

Rowans also enjoyed investigating the inside of a pumpkin and using it to cook in the mud kitchen, drilling conkers and threading them onto string and making ’forest faces’…
Firs had a great time rolling conkers in paint, to make some fabulous firework pictures. They also used the hammer, had a go at threading conkers and elder beads onto string and enjoyed climbing, balancing, swinging, digging for worms, counting, rolling and weighing to name just a few!
Poplars started their afternoon learning and playing a few forest school games. Firstly a circle game called I am the wind and then an action thinking game called squirrels in a tree. We had lots of fun together and had to work with our friends in order to stay in the game!
They then had fun making conker comets ☄️ by wrapping and twisting a conker inside tissue paper and securing the top. Once we had all made a comet, we had a brilliant time seeing how well they flew through the air! We tried to aim them into the hoop targets…