12th June 2024

This week we welcomed Maples and Hollies out to Forest School.
Maples class started their session listening to the story “Superworm” by Julia Donaldson. They went on a story trail around the woods, looking for all of the story characters and then chose one of the mini-beast characters to make a land art picture of on the ground-using found natural resources. We were SO proud of the children’s team work and efforts with this task…they did incredibly well.

We then went on a worm hunt! And looked for other mini-beasts too, learning to identify the creatures we found using the ID cards, photos and guides. 
We had lots of fun playing the Lizard Wizard Circle game- swapping places with a partner as if we were one of the characters. We buzzed like the bee, flapped our wings like crow, hopped like toad and jumped high like grasshopper! 
Hollies class started their afternoon choosing what they would like to do and recapping the Forest School Rules-remembering that we always look after ourselves, look after one another and look after nature…
Their choices were wide and varied! Including practising using the  fire striker, litter picking, playing in the mud kitchen, trying out the hammocks and swings, building and using the ball run, being creative with the bricks , digging, using the screwdrivers and swinging. 
Oaks class, as always, developed their independence skills in their explorations and play. Today we had the opportunity to try out squashing berries to make wing patterns on a cloth butterfly. We also practised using big shoulder muscles and hand eye coordination when stacking crates…