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Stickman oh Stickman! (Beeches)

11th November 2020

 What an exciting afternoon Beeches had today!
We started off with a fun circle game...taking turns to add our own ideas. We sang “Stickman, Stickman,what can you see, I see children with (red trousers/green wellies/ a brother/ brown hair etc) running round with me”
Beeches children listened carefully and ran round the circle whenever the instruction related to them...
Then we worked together to create a piece of Forest artwork, by collecting different types of sticks...short, bendy, thick, bumpy, longer then our arm. Again, much thinking and listening was required
Then just as we sat down to look at today’s  activities we heard a sound...went to look what is was...and there behind our log circle was STICKMAN! What a huge surprise we had! We had no idea how he’d got there, but were really glad to see him. 

We used the very special sticks he had bought for us, to make some mini stick men. We learnt to use some secateurs to cut the Elder sticks, then poked the soft pith out of the middle, before threading them onto pipe cleaners to make our own Stickman. 
We also made some fabulous natural pictures using some pictures from the Stickman story...