We wish to inform you that Langley School will be undergoing an Ofsted inspection on Tuesday 21st May, and Wednesday 22nd May 2024. The inspection is an important opportunity for us to showcase the hard work and dedication of our staff and pupils.

Forest School News

7th October 2019

A mud-making, special swinging, boat building day!
What a brilliant time we had this week in Forest School! Firs class had a fantastic morning enjoying all sorts of fun things including trying out the pulley system, mixing and painting with mud, investigating acorns, climbing and trying out our new sideways swinging skateboard…
The children from Willows class had just as much fun in the afternoon. They started off by preparing the sail they had made last week. We threaded some string along the edge, attached it to the ‘pirate ship’ and ‘shiver me timbers’-our ship was ready to sail! Many adventures were had…the seas were rough, sharks attacked and some of the class had to walk the plank! What great imagination and super language…
In a quiet corner of our site, there was a different kind of magic going on… the discovery of some little fairy houses. After knocking on the door, having a chat and asking the fairies some lovely questions, this clever girl discovered some skeleton leaves, which we were sure were fairy wings! Maybe next week the fairies will be back?
The afternoon was full of exploratory investigation and learning. Willows really love their Wednesday afternoons.
Beeches busy morning
A lovely morning for Beeches class today, using our Percy the park keeper story to inspire us out in Forest School. We started off learning about oak trees-the same tree that Percy found had blown down in the storm. We found lots of Oaks as we walked to the  log circle, and enjoyed looking for and collecting acorns.
We enjoyed looking closely at the acorns using magnifying glasses, and all found our own acorn to plant…
We also did a few jobs that Percy the park keeper does in his woodland-raking leaves and carrying things around in the wheelbarrow. The wheelbarrow was very wobbly, and took a lot of concentration to push!
And we had a go at creating pictures of some of the story characters, using natural resources…
During our reflection time at the end of our morning, we thought about what we were good at doing today.  Answers including I was good at…’helping my friend’, ‘raking leaves’, ‘pushing the wheelbarrow’ ‘making pictures’, ‘looking for acorns’. Lots of sensible and individual answers…we were very impressed.