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Autumn pizzas, popcorn on a fire & a Kelly kettle

12th October 2022

Oaks class started their morning in Forest School working together to make salt dough…which they then used to create individual ‘Autumn pizzas’.
Once again, we looked at, identified and named different natural resources such as acorns, conkers and leaves, and selected which ones to add to their creations. We’ll leave these to dry out over the next week and then they’ll be ready to display in the classroom. 
Look what else Oaks got up to… 
Acers had a very exciting afternoon, cooking popcorn on an open fire. They started by helping to find and sort a selection of sticks of different thicknesses and then gathered in our fire circle, ensuring that they followed our fire circle rules.

We built a fire, starting with tinder, then added kindling.  Everyone had a go at using the fire striker and then we lit the fire and added the sticks, then eventually some larger logs. When the fire was hot enough, we added some oil to a pan and then swirled some popcorn kernels in the oil to coat them.
Then we sat back and listened as the kernels began to pop! It was very exciting!
We waited for the popcorn to cool and then shared it out. What a treat! 
Beeches also had a turn at using the fire strikers this week, but for their session they made a small fire at the base of the Kelly Kettle to heat water for their snacktime hot chocolate. 
The children all took turns to add a stick to the fire, wearing a fire glove to keep them safe. They helped to spoon out the hot chocolate into a jug, then when the water had boiled Mrs Smith poured it into the hot chocolate powder, added some cold water then shared it out amongst the class... along with a big marshmallow as a special treat!