Welcome to a new Forest School Year

14th September 2021

It’s so good to be back in Forest School! The classes for this first half term have had a marvellous start to the new school year. 
We absolutely loved watching our Forest School robins, who were very inquisitive and brave! They flew and perched really close by to us, which fascinated the children.
We looked through the binoculars, matched bird pictures and enjoyed listening to the birdsong of our toy birds, as well as noticing the real birds singing to us!
It was great to explore, play, swing and enjoy relaxing in the hammock… 
We had such fun in  the digging pit, the mud kitchen and the mud cafe. The service was impeccable and the menu was very interesting!
We enjoyed trying out different activities which challenged us…
We were very impressed with how gentle our youngest children were when they were holding and looking at a worm we found whilst digging. They were very keen to feel it wriggling in their hands and were really patient whilst taking turns to do so.