Red Riding Hood, Fir paintbrushes and ice pots

19th January 2023

Brrrr! It’s been a chilly week out in Forest School, so we have all wrapped up very warm with extra socks, hats, gloves and warm coats, and finished our sessions with a hot chocolate inside Hollies.
We are learning about traditional tales this term and this week we focused on Red Riding Hood. We set a challenge to build a bridge across the river to reach a basket of apples for grandma... It was great fun and really got the children thinking about where and how to position the crates and wooden slats. They enjoyed balancing over it too!
Other activities on offer included making pictures using natural resources, using our letter stones to make words, using our Blackberry Play-Doh to make apples and baskets and using the loppers to cut up an old Christmas tree-just like the woodcutter in the story!  
Also – after hot chocolate in the classroom, we used some of the clippings and other things we had found in the woods to add to our own small plastic pot. We popped some string inside too and poured water into each pot. We are going to leave our pots outside tonight and see what happens to them… we are hoping that they will freeze so that we can hang our ice sculptures up outside tomorrow.
Firs had a fab time using offcuts from the Christmas tree to make their own fir paintbrushes. They mixed soil and water to make mud, then painted a mud picture with their paintbrush…
They also enjoyed playing and exploring before heading in for a warm up,  a hot chocolate and a biscuit. 
Maples had a great afternoon hunting for pictures around the school grounds. They worked in teams and ticked off the pictures as they found them. They were hidden in high and low places…
They too made some ice pots, then enjoyed a story from the Forest School book box.