Maples week 2

15th September 2020

What a beautiful sunny day we had out in the woods today.
We started off our morning by saying hello to a rescued pigeon! 
On the way into the woods, we collected blackberries and acorns-some children remembering from last week, where the big oak trees were.
Today we made paint by squashing blackberries and mixing them with water...we used it to paint the trees...and our hands!
We used wooden blocks and planks to make some amazing cars and structures and observed lots of concentration, focus and creativity in this activity. We enjoyed using the obstacle course, bug hunting and of course making lots of marvellous muddy meals in the mud kitchen.
After snack time, everyone took turns to select a 'feelings' stone to describe how they had felt during the session. We were pleased to see that mostly the children selected the stones that descibed 'happy', 'funny' and 'loved it'. The only child to select a 'cross' stone told us that it was because their mud kitchen meal hadn't been served up quickly enough!! The mud kitchen staff clearly need to work harder!