Sensory bottles, tie-dye and Autumn pizzas

27th September 2023

Firs class really enjoyed making and looking at Autumn sensory bottles this week. They filled a bottle with Autumn treasures, including alder cones, conkers, acorns, different coloured leaves and sycamore seeds, then filled their bottle with water. We turned the bottles over, shook them and looked inside-trying to find or count  the different things inside. 
Firs also used the blackberry playdoh that Acers class had made last week, enjoyed exploring, touching and smelling our Autumn discovery table, made numbers and counted with conkers and had fun choosing their own activities and favourite places…
Acers had a go at blackberry tie-dye. They each had a piece of cotton with their initial on, which they first painted with blackberry juice and then placed conkers and acorns in the material and fastened around it with an elastic band. When it’s dry, the band will leave a white circle, and the rest of the material will be dyed purple. We hung up the material to dry and will open them out next week! 
Acers had such a fun afternoon! They really loved making petal potions, digging for worms, playing in the fairy village, being creative and thinking of their own ideas and helping out with forest jobs like raking the paths.
Oaks used some natural treasures to make their own Autumn pizzas this week. They selected and pushed them into some salt dough. We will be baking them and hanging them in the classroom when they are cooked. They also used their big shoulder and arm muscles to reach up and paint a sheet with blackberry paint…
Oaks had such a busy morning…they climbed, they balanced, they used the screwdrivers, they cooked in the mud kitchen, made flower potions, enjoyed swinging and using the hammocks. We also spotted another frog! This week it was a very tiny one.