Kelly Kettle and buzzy bees

24th May 2023

Oaks class were really excited to get the opportunity to make their own hot chocolate today using the Kelly Kettle. 
They took turns to add water to the kettle (and were  surprised to see the hole through the centre of it!) Everyone had a chance to use the fire striker to make a spark, then watched carefully as Mrs Smith lit the fire and placed the kettle on top of the small fire bowl.
Everyone helped to add a stick to the fire – carefully placing it into the hole in the middle so it dropped into the fire below.
The water didn’t take long to boil. We then added hot chocolate powder to a jug and watched as Mrs Smith poured the boiling water, milk and some cold water in too.
We took turns to mix it up and then enjoyed drinking it along with a sprinkling of mini marshmallows.
What a lovely morning we had together. 
It was the last Forest school session for Cedars and Larches this week, And these two groups will certainly be missed -they have both been a real pleasure to be with- full of enthusiasm, interest and smiles!
Our focus this week was on bees, the most important pollinators in the world.
We prepared a space to make a wildflower mini-meadow… clearing and raking the ground, adding some compost and then sowing wildflower seeds. We protected the area with a cover to stop the seeds from being eaten before they start to grow.
Hopefully after half term our wildflower mini meadow will have started to grow… and the bees will be able to use the pollen from them.

We also finished off making our solitary bee home, by drilling some more holes into the wood for the bees to crawl inside and lay their eggs. We added a roof to the house and we are looking forward to observing it next half term to see whether any bees take up residence!
We looked at lots of information on bees, learnt the names of a bee’s body parts, made some beautiful natural art bees and also made our own little pine cone bees using wool…