Magic wands and happy Oaks

24th January 2024

Beeches and Poplars classes had super fun this week making a big potion in Mrs Smith’s cauldron. Just like the characters in our story – Room on the broom – we all looked for different things to add-ranging from something tiny, something soft, something spiky to three pine cones, four conkers or two yellow leaves. Everyone selected a card, looked around the site and then returned it to the log circle. Once we had collected everything we needed we took turns to empty them into the big pot and used Mrs Smith’s magic wand to stir it together.
We then invented lots of different sorts of spells, including spells that made someone jump like a frog, meow like a cat, dance, sing, do something silly, and flap their wings like a bird!
We all then made our own magic wand…every one of them was different, special, and very magical of course! 
Oaks have had a super relaxed and happy morning exploring and playing together. We’ve really noticed how much they have progressed in terms of playing alongside their friends and playing together with them too. We’ve had fun on the swings – signing more for extra pushes, we’ve built tall crate towers, we’ve made music on oil drums and on tree trunks and chosen lots of different activities…