Jack’s Beanstalk

31st January 2023

This week in Forest School, Willows class used the story of Jack and the Beanstalk as a focus for their activities.
They worked together to make a giant picture of the giant in the story!
They made a pretend beanstalk by building a tall tower using crates, and then decorating it with lots of Christmas tree offcuts (which they had cut last week) They worked so hard on this…finding the right shaped holes for each offcut and poking the sticks in to the gaps in the crates. We forgot to take a picture of it at the end but it looked amazing!
We made another Beanstalk using drainpipes… we used the Christmas tree offcuts again, this time using wire, string or pipe cleaners to attach the small pieces around the pipes. When we had decorated all three of the drainpipes, we put them together and leaned it up against a tall tree. We decided that it was almost high enough for Jack to climb!
We also made towers with small wood slices, tried climbing low branches of our climbing tree, used the alphabet stones to make words from the story…and as always, found lots of other things to investigate, including a very speedy centipede which we found on a bug hunt!