Pumpkin creations!

2nd November 2022

This half term, we have two new classes joining us for Forest School.
Rowans had a great morning reacquainting themselves with the site and exploring what’s changed and what is new since the last time they were out in the woods. They had a marvellous time using the palm drill and the hand drill to make holes in a pumpkin. They then hammered in sticks until our class pumpkin hedgehog was complete! 
Fun, interests and  investigations…
Oaks enjoyed sensory exploration of the pumpkins. We cut some pumpkins in half and investigated the inside, touching, smelling and looking at the seeds and mushy inner. We played with them too-filling and emptying them with pinecones and using elastic bands to stretch around our special spiderweb pumpkin.
Oaks were introduced to using the stubby hammer, to attach leaves onto the pumpkin using golf tees. They really enjoyed having a go at this activity and it is great practice for fine motor control, by building up the grip and muscles in their hands. 
Such a lot of learning, social skills, experimentation and fun,
Poplars were really happy to be back in Forest School. They were challenged to make their own individual pumpkin creatures. They were given free reign to decide how to make them and what to use. 

We think that they did a brilliant job!