Yummy chocolate!

11th July 2023

It was an exciting day for Oaks class, who had a special treat for their last Forest School session of the year. When we asked them what they wanted to do they asked for a fire and chocolate! So that’s exactly what we did…
We all had a go at using the fire striker to make a spark, learning how to sit safely and where to hold the striker. Everyone watched closely whilst Mrs Smith lit the fire, then when it was going we all took turns to add a stick.
We poured some water into a big saucepan, rested a bowl of chocolate on top, then placed the saucepan over the fire and waited for it to warm up the water and melt the chocolate.
When the chocolate was all runny, we dipped biscuits and marshmallows in…how very delicious they were!
We all helped to put out the fire safely.. Well done Oaks…what a super class you’ve been to work with this year.