Nests and pumpkins

22nd November 2023

This week, Rowans and Willows enjoyed playing with an Owl Babies story tuff-tray…they used the owls and pictures to retell the story. They also looked at some of the story words and hunted under a tray of leaves to find the hidden stone letters that they needed to recreate the story words. 
We made nests using sticks, straw, shedded card, natural wool and leaves. The toy birds were very happy with them! 

We also enjoyed using screwdrivers, making leaf pictures, making a puppet show, threading conkers, raking, cooking in the mud kitchen, rolling pumpkins and using the swings and hammocks. 
Oaks had fun exploring and playing with a hollowed out pumpkin-they filled  and emptied it, mixed things inside it and felt the squishy inner. We enjoyed tree climbing today, getting braver and stronger each week! We also balanced, explored, swung and practised fine motor and turn taking skills.