Bird Week

9th February 2022

It’s that time of year when the annual Big School’s Birdwatch takes places in schools all across the country. 
We take part each year, and decided to focus this week’s activities around birds. 
We have done bird picture hunts, bird watching, bird identification and matching, have made bird pictures and played bird games (we listened for the hidden birdsong, played a flying game and ’what’s the time Mrs blackbird’) We have made lots of different sorts of bird feeders and have enjoyed watching our friendly robins hopping and flying about close by.
Beeches-peanut butter and birdseed feeders
Firs mixed together lard and birdseed and then rolled a pinecone into the mixture… 
Acers used plastic bottles, with flaps cut out of the sides. They added birdseed to the bottom of their bottle and popped a perch  through the sides, for the  birds to sit on whilst eating. 
Bird pictures…
Beeches and Acers -making chalk paint
Firs-making mud and blackberry paint