Caterpillars, Insects and A Commonwelth Baton

13th July 2022

Rowans enjoyed listening to the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar at the beginning of their morning session. they then did lots of Caterpillar-based activities including
  • threading elder stick pieces to make a wriggly moveable caterpillar 
  • making a stick and pipecleaner caterpillar with sparkly jewel eyes
  • using wood discs to make their own caterpillar creations
  • Threading leaves
  • creating a milk crate Caterpillar big enough to walk along
  • Using the hungry caterpillar story stones to retell the story 
  • making some of the food that the caterpillar ate, in our mud kitchen
Oaks were really happy to back out in the woods for the last couple of weeks of term. We had a morning investigating lots of different insects, including beetles, woodlouse, millipedes, worms and slugs…which we very gently touched to experience how slimy they were! 
Oaks then made a variety of creatures, including a Play-Doh ladybird an melon snail and pinecone bees! And also had lots of fun exploring and playing together
Poplars continued with their Commonwealth Games theme, this week looking at the Commonwealth baton and then using thick Elder sticks from our woods, to make their own very special personalised baton.