S’mores on the fire and fabulous crafts

25th May 2022

Oaks have had such a lovely half term in Forest School and as a special treat we celebrated their last morning with a fire and some yummy s’mores made by adding treats into a cone, wrapping it in foil and heating on the fire…
Beeches and Willows also enjoyed their last session – they made some fabulous butterfly and caterpillar crafts using the willow whips from our willow tunnel, which are very soft and bendy.
Firstly, they pulled the leaves off the stem and then they bent the willow sticks to make two wing shapes. They secured the wings with wire and then twisted a pipecleaner around the middle to make the butterfly’s body. Then they fluttered them around Forest School, visiting different places!
They also made some cool caterpillars, using some wood and nails for legs…
Willows class also had an impromptu show! We absolutely loved listening to the singing from our superstars!