Bird week

31st January 2024

This week is the big birdwatch week, and Beeches and Poplars talked about some of birds we may see in Forest School. We knew we wouldn’t see the bird from our story-a parrot! So we looked at and learnt the names of a robin, a blackbird and a blue tit…matching the toy birds to the pictures and taking turns to find the correct one. We then had fun doing lots of bird activities-making bird feeders using pine cones fat and birdseed, and also peanut butter and birdseed…
We also had fun making mini nests and exploring a selection of different eggs, colouring bird pictures, bird watching and identification and selecting our own activities…
Oaks also enjoyed playing with the bird toys and nest making.
They had fun making bird pizzas- they mixed together some sticky mud which they stuck to some wood slices…then poured bird seed over the top and left them out for the birds to eat.