Hello Summer Term!

26th April 2022

It was lovely to be back out in Forest School this week with three new classes… Oaks, Beeches and Willows.
This half term, we will be basing our work around butterflies. amongst other things, we will be learning about the butterfly life-cycle, using tools to make different butterfly crafts, making butterfly and caterpillar land art pictures, making butterfly feeders and having a go at making some willow wings. We will also be reading a story called “The Butterfly Inside”.
We started off this week by looking at some butterfly books and pictures and discussing how their wings are symmetrical. We then had a go at making a symmetrical pattern with squashed berries…
We placed the berries onto a small piece of material, folded it over and then squashed them in between the cloth . When we opened it up we noticed how the shapes were the same on both sides.
We also had a go at using our fine motor skills to attach coloured bands onto our special butterfly nail board…and also investigated some of the flowers that butterflies might be attracted to. We removed the petals from daisies, dandelions and cherry blossom and mixed them up with coloured water. Maybe some butterflies will like to drink the potions we made?
Beeches class worked together to make a large butterfly picture. They worked in pairs to select some natural resources then placed them on the wings, making sure that they were in there same position on both sides. We thought our butterfly looked fabulous…
Both Beeches and Willows helped to order pictures of a butterfly life cycle…they listened carefully to the descriptions, chose the correct picture and then hung it on the washing line.
Loving life!