Fun, fire and a bug hotel

5th October 2021

It’s been another busy forest school week…
Firs class had fun exploring lots of different activities. This is only their second session out in the woods and we were really proud to see how well they have settled into the forest school routines. It was lovely to see so many smiles too!
Rowans class worked very hard to help make a new Bug-Hotel. We piled lots of pallets on top of one another and then filled pots with a variety of things, in order to encourage different sorts of mini-beasts to move in!
We used straw, stones, wool, sticks, cones, bamboo, leaves and bark.
Cedars class practised using the fire strikers last week because they were keen to make a fire together. Today they enjoyed helping to select the correct sized sticks, starting with a smallest– tinder and next kindling, and building up to thicker sticks and logs. We waited for the  flames to die down and cooked marshmallows over the embers.