Flower butterfly feeders

18th May 2022

This  week, all three classes have been working on making these beautiful flower butterfly feeders. We coloured the petals in bright colours, taped a stick on the back for the stem, glued a lid in the middle and then dipped cotton wool into sugary water before placing it into the centre of the flower. Hopefully the butterflies will land on our flowers and enjoy a drink in the sunshine.
Oaks enjoyed reading together, playing with our dinosaur land tough tray and had a marvellous time investigating pouring water down the guttering and trying to catch it at the end! 
Beeches also really enjoyed exploring with the water, jugs and funnels. They worked together as a team pouring and collecting and taking turns to use different sized jugs and pots. 
They also helped to do some weeding, cooked in the mud kitchen, were great at raking the paths, and had a lovely time in the reading area
Willows had something unusual to investigate this afternoon-egg shells! We looked at them closely, touched, talked about them and then crushed them! 
We also repeated a favourite activity from a couple of weeks ago – making potions using flower petals and water.
They too enjoyed our sunny day water play…