Beeches tool day...

18th November 2020

Beeches are having such fun out in Forest School this half term, with lots of activities based around the Stickman story. We started the afternoon with a the circle game we learnt last was such a hit that the children has asked if we could play it again.
Following on from last week, we continued making mini stick-men from elder sticks. Everyone listened carefully to the tool talk before using the sectateurs to snip the sticks into small pieces. They then poked the pith out the middle using a palm drill or a tent peg...and fixed the pieces onto a pipe cleaner to make the stickman’s body, arms and legs.
Beeches also used another tool this week...a hammer, to tap some different sticks into a pumpkin. We used hazel sticks, as these are straight and strong. We remembered the rules, using a glove on our helper hand and making sure that we had plenty of space around us before picking up and using the hammer. 
Beeches also really enjoyed using the letter stones to make some of the words from our Stickman story...