Blueberry butterflies and happy hedgehogs

29th March 2022

Firs class had a great time this week squashing blueberries to release their beautiful purple colour. They placed the blueberries between some material and squashed them with either their fingers or a spoon… then we turned their creations into butterflies or frogs!
Busy, busy, busy… 
Last week Larches focused on carnivorous spiders, but this week we learnt about one of the many omnivores that we named in our animal hunt at the beginning of half term- hedgehogs.
We learnt about how they live and what they eat.
We did lots of hedgehog activities including making a hedgehog home, creating a hedgehog picture, finding things that hedgehogs like to eat and making our own wooden hedgehogs using a hammer and nails…
Hedgehog homes…all cosy, safe and waterproof. 
We love our wooden hedgehogs!