Pulley power, tools and a sticky roof!

25th January 2023

Willows had a great time in Forest School, doing all sorts of exciting things!
We talked about the Red Riding Hood story again, then used the pulley system to help move grandmas apples from one end to the other. We worked with a partner – one child selecting a wooden number disk and sending it along the rope, in the bucket, to their friend…then the other child counting out the correct number of apples and sending it back along the pulley.
Maples loved this too and worked really well with their friends. Working out how to use the pulley was really quite tricky at times but we saw real perseverance and a sense of pride when they managed to do this independently.
We also talked about our story characters and how they might have felt… was grandma shocked to see the wolf? Was Goldilocks surprised to see the bears? Were the three pigs happy to have a safe house? We looked at some feelings pictures and then used natural resources to recreate the different faces…
Willows worked hard all morning – pulling heavy logs, rolling the huge oil drum, making music, using tools, and investigating ice…
Oaks class absolutely love using the tools. So today we provided a pile of wood, a palm drill, a hand drill, different screwdrivers and some screws and allowed them to be creative! They thoroughly enjoyed this.
We also made mud paint and painted with Fir-tree paintbrushes, and had a marvellous time exploring and playing together.
Maples were such busy bees during the afternoon! They worked together to add a roof to the stick house they had made last time they were in Forest School. They mixed together soil water and straw until it was thick and sticky and then placed it on top of the sticks. They also took turns to use the loppers to cut some Fir tree branches… which we placed on top too. We thought the stick house looked great!
…so much going on!