Minibeast hotel and water play

24th April 2024

Willows and Rowans had a great time this week, making bedrooms for our mini-beast hotel. They chose a pot and decided what to put inside in, before adding it to the hotel. We’re hoping that lots of guests soon move in! 
We continued our work on mini-beasts and remembered that insects have 6 legs, 2 antennae (or feelers) and 3 body parts. We used salt dough and natural resources to make our own model mini-beasts.
We also made pine cone bees by winding yellow and black wool around a cone and adding paper wings. 
Oaks had a marvellous time with water! We used jugs to pour water down the guttering and into a bowl at the bottom. We also painted some smooth pebbles with water and watched as the water made dark marks on the light stone.  
We made decorations using dough and flowers, we explored and played, we took turns, we stacked and balanced, we counted and we swung…