Birds and grassy numbers

8th May 2024

This week, Willows and Rowans learnt about birds. We all loved looking at 3 real bird nests-some with eggs in, that had been left behind by the mother bird. 
We had a go at making our own nests, using small sticks, straw, grass clippings, leaves, long grass and wool. Everyone tried really hard with their nest…have a look at these wonderful creations!
We also made two different types of bird-feeders, enjoyed birdwatching with the binoculars and bird books, and had a great fun engaging in sensory play with the birdseed and a variety of different coloured/weighted/patterned eggs. 
Oaks enjoyed lots of different activities today, including looking for wooden ladybirds and stone numbers that were hidden in a tray full of freshly cut grass. It was fun playing with and sprinkling the grass as well as looking at and ordering the numbers. Some children also enjoyed making straw houses and stacking up and balancing wood discs and planks…
Oaks children used lots of their big and small muscles today in both gross and fine motor skill development. They also enjoyed exploring gravity and friction – rolling stones down into a tub of water and retrieving them to roll again, squashing dandelion flowers and leaves and rubbing them into a picture to colour them yellow and green,