Forest School News

4th November 2019

Bugs, music, fireworks and fun…
Our youngest children were out in the woods today-and we’re really proud of how well they have settled into the Forest School routine. Today they investigated mini-beasts-looking closely at and matching pictures and looking to see which ones we could find. We discovered LOTS of woodlice, some worms, slugs and a beetle.
We also used fine motor skills and lots of concentration, to make these lovely forest fireworks…
As always, the children’s self directed play and investigations were supported and encouraged. Amongst many other activities, we had fun making up some mud kitchen music (which travelled around the woods on it’s debut tour!)…we sorted and counted and sang about leaves…took turns gently rocking friends in the hammock…built towers and climbed trees. What a busy, happy time we had.
Welcome to Forest School Rowans
Rowans class had their first session of the year today…and what a lovely start to their time in Forest School it was! We explored and used the site, hunted for a ‘bowl full of worms’, counted and sorted, made mud meals and had a go at making some special Forest School style fireworks…
Rowans concentrated really well in this task. They selected their own firework colours, wrapped the wool and sparkly pipe cleaners around their sticks and when they were done, ‘whooshed’ them into the air!