Forest School News

3rd February 2020

Hammers and paint
Another lovely afternoon for Willows this week. They returned to the bug hotel which we had all worked on a couple of weeks ago, and helped to make it look even better!

They used a hammer to break up some coloured chalk and once it was in powdered form, they added some water to make chalk paint. (click the pictures to enlarge)
They used the paint to decorate the bug hotel…
Willows also helped out our woodland birds, by filling up the bird feeders.
And enjoyed using the binoculars to see which birds they could spot in the trees. Although we didn’t see it, we did hear our woodpecker, who has lived in our woods for many years!
Birds and seeds and lots of fun
Firs class started their morning with a bird picture treasure hunt this week…
After finding lots of different birds, the children looked carefully at the bigger bird pictures that were pegged up in the woods…and matched their pictures to them.
On offer this week was the  opportunity to make some bird feeders. We mixed together some lard and bird seed, then pressed  the mixture into small pots. The children chose where to hang them in the woods…
Also this week, we developed fine motor skills using bands stretched around pine cones! An interesting activity that many children enjoyed…
…as well as playing with and rolling acorns, pine cones and conkers…super fun!
Soup and croissants on a cold day
Acers were brilliant this morning! They listened carefully to all the safety instructions and behaved perfectly around the fire-circle.

We learnt how to use the fire strikers to start a fire, we sorted sticks into the correct sizes and we all helped to add sticks to keep the fire going.
Once the fire was strong enough, we poured some soup into the dutch oven and placed it on top of the fire…
Then we wrapped croissant dough around some long, clean sticks, whilst we waited for  the soup to cook and the fire to die down a little. We held the dough over the embers and watched as they cooked and changed colour.
We all tried some soup and croissants-they were delicious and certainly warmed us all up!