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Maples make dandelion honey

27th April 2021

It’s dandelion season! Our gardens and parks are full of these wonderful weeds at the moment so we decided to try out a traditional dandelion honey recipe. 
Mrs. Smith picked and washed lots and lots of dandelion heads. She bought them into school and Maples added them to the big cooking pot. They added some water...
...Then they cut up and added an orange and a lemon. The pot was placed onto the fire and we waited for the mixture to bubble for 20 minutes
The mixture was poured out of the pot through a sieve, and then sugar was added and stirred in.
The dandelion honey was poured carefully into some clean jars and left to cool. We are all looking forward to trying it tomorrow!
Before leaving the fire circle, we took turns to put out the fire, making sure that all the logs were wet and cool so that they were safe.