Maples-Plants and flowers

20th April 2021

Maples had a brilliant morning looking at all sorts of different plants and flowers around our school grounds. We noticed lots of new growth, flowers, buds, different shaped and sized leaves and enjoyed smelling the mint and lavender leaves. We found leaves that was soft and really loved playing with the sticky weed which had very tiny hooks on the leaves which made them stick to our jumpers!

We selected lots of dandelion leaves and some dandelion flowers too...Which we put to good use later on in the morning!
We looked closely at the leaves we had collected.
We used the dandelion leaves to paint! We squashed them between our fingers and rubbed them onto the paper to make a beautiful green colour. We use the dandelion heads for our yellow paint… it was a little bit like magic!
what a beautiful sunny morning we had out in Forest School today.