We wish to inform you that Langley School will be undergoing an Ofsted inspection on Tuesday 21st May, and Wednesday 22nd May 2024. The inspection is an important opportunity for us to showcase the hard work and dedication of our staff and pupils.

Mud, pumpkins and leaf flowers

20th October 2021

Another lovely and busy week in Forest School…our last one before our half term break.
This week, Firs class were busy in the mud and making sensory bottles, Rowans class investigated and also hammered nails into pumpkins and Cedars class worked together play team games and made some beautiful creations to take home. 
Firs enjoyed making Autumn sensory bottles-adding lots of natural resources to them and giving everything a good shake at the end!
The children had a lovely muddy time in the digging pit and enjoyed exploring different activities  
Rowans had a super time Investigating pumpkins. We cut the top off one of them and scooped out the inside. We looked carefully at the seeds and felt the squashy flesh in our hands.
We used the other one to practice our hammering skills and were amazed and how brilliantly the children hammered nails into the pumpkin, helping to make a pattern and a face. They concentrated incredibly well and really enjoyed this activity…
Cedars class really loved playing some team games at the start of our session. They listened carefully to the instructions and then played ‘What’s the time Mr Wolf?’ and a listening/running circle game…
They then worked carefully selecting different coloured leaves to create these beautiful autumn leaf flowers