Welcome back Rowans, Firs and Poplars

8th June 2022

Rowans had a lovely morning making faces! We used a large picture frame to recreate the face of one of the adults… then had a go at making smaller faces later on in the morning, still using natural resources. 

We also had great fun making our own chalk paint and using it to paint some fabulous faces on a large piece of material which we hung on a branch. Rowans children were very careful when using the hammer to crush the chalk. They mixed in water, stirred it and then got creative…
Busy busy busy Rowans…
Firs had a brilliant morning, really happy to be back out in the woods. They enjoyed observing our tadpoles and lots of different mini-beasts. We found a snail, a beetle, a slug, a millipede, centipede, woodlouse and worms!
Poplars started their afternoon by learning about the Commonwealth Games and the sports that are played. We then decided to make our own Langley Forest School Games… starting off with the team sport ‘Pass the pine cone’ and then a game of tug-of-war!
We talked about how the winners sometimes get a leaf crown…then had a go at using some willow sticks to make our own crowns. We bent a stick into a circle shape and secured it with some wire, then we twisted the willow leaves over and under to make this fabulous headgear!