Elder stick necklaces

6th July 2021

Maples had a hugely exciting start to their morning!
We discovered that the tadpoles have now started to grow front legs too…so we need to start calling them froglets. We watched as the froglets swam and then crawled across the tray using their growing legs to support them. We talked about the fact that their tails will  begin to shrink and in time will completely disappear.
The excitement doubled when we then spotted a frog hiding on the ground near to our herb planters! We watched him hop and then scale the wall of the planter- which really made us laugh!
This morning, we used fresh sticks cut from one of our elder trees, to make some fabulous necklaces and wristbands. 

We used secateurs to carefully cut the sticks into small pieces, then poked a small stick or thin screwdriver through the middle in order to push out the soft pith inside. 
Then we carefully threaded our beads onto some string. I wonder who at home will be the lucky recipient of these lovely gifts?
We also had lots of fun this morning completing a nature trail, playing on some hay bales, making potions and finding exciting things!