Chalk paint, bird feeders and mini fires

23rd November 2022

Rowans are working really hard to develop their skills in using tools. This week, most of them have used the hammer independently, to crush coloured chalk into a fine powder. They mixed water into the powder to make chalk paint…and then set about making Forest School look very colourful! 
Rowans practised more fine motor skills when threading Cheerios to make birdfeeders and in using scissors and stampers to cut shapes in leaves. They also enjoyed counting natural objects into numbered pots, ordering our stone numbers, pulling on ropes to move buckets up and down, and Learning to share and take turns on our Forest swings.
Firs also enjoyed pulling the buckets up with the ropes and using the hammer. They loved bouncing and climbing, exploring and playing. They also had a go at making some pine cone bird feeders, by rolling pine cones in peanut butter and bird seed…
Poplars had an exciting afternoon, taking turns to make their own mini-fires.
They carefully pulled apart some cotton wool, making sure to get lots of air pockets in it so that the spark from the fire striker set it alight. They then added thin sticks and watched the orange flames and observed the sticks turning from brown to black and then grey.