Buried bugs and two fires

17th May 2023

This week, Firs class enjoyed lots of different activities around the forest site. They dug in compost for hidden mini-beast pictures and then matched them up to the same picture on the table, listening carefully to the names of each one (or naming them themselves). They also threaded hollow sticks and conkers, made potions with petals, and played, explored, had fun, relaxed, smiled, tried new adventures….
Cedars and Larches classes both enjoyed helping with and cooking on a fire. They learnt how to the build the fire, what they different sized/thicknesses of wood were called and what three things a fire needs to burn successfully (oxygen, heat and fuel) . They learnt and remembered all the important safety rules for the fire circle, and all had a turn at using the fire striker to make a spark. 

Cedars had great fun making very special toast…they used food colouring to draw a picture on their bread, of something they have done or learnt about this term. We had pictures of butterflies, worms, robins, trees and all sorts of other interesting ideas. We then toasted the bread over the fire and enjoyed eating it alongside a drink of hot chocolate.
A few weeks ago we planted sunflower seeds, which have grown strong enough now to be planted out. We grow sunflowers every year to remember Mrs Arkell, one of our teaching assistants who sadly passed away. We will be looking after our sunflowers and will enjoy watching them grow. 
Larches made popcorn first, listening carefully for the ‘pops’! It quite quickly changed from the yellow kernels to the white popped corn. Whilst the popcorn cooled, we used the embers of the fire to toast marshmallows…which we then squished between two biscuits to make s’mores. They were delicious and everyone enjoyed eating them and a cup full of popcorn too. 
Everyone helped to put the fire out at the end of the session, carefully pouring a cup of water over the hot embers.