We wish to inform you that Langley School will be undergoing an Ofsted inspection on Tuesday 21st May, and Wednesday 22nd May 2024. The inspection is an important opportunity for us to showcase the hard work and dedication of our staff and pupils.

Forest School News

1st October 2019

Oaks and Willows have a wonderful Wednesday
This morning was the first time out in Forest School for Oaks class. As we headed out the door, one of our children remembered the tadpoles he had seen in the summer term and asked if they were still there…so we started off in our garden, and had a look in the pond. We were very lucky! After a couple of minutes we saw a big frog jump out from the side, into the pond and then swim away to hide in the reeds!
Oaks all enjoyed a lovely morning exploring the site and finding out all the different things they could do…
Willows also had a wonderful Wednesday! Last week, some of the children had played on our new pallet boat…but noticed that it didn’t have a sail. We used a tea towel last week, but this week, we set about making our own much bigger sail. We used things from our site-blackberries, elderberries and big fern leaves, to hammer and squash onto a cloth…
We were really impressed with the end result.
Also this afternoon, we’ve cooked with acorns and investigated crushing them, played lots of turn taking games and enjoyed a bit of sunshine and happiness.
Percy’s Friends…
Last week, Beeches enjoyed a story about Percy The Park Keeper and all his animal friends. We recalled the story this week, and on our way to the log circle, all helped to find hidden pictures of the different animals from the story. We named each animal and talked about where they lived.
When we came across a lovely home for one of Percy’s friends-the squirrel, we thought that maybe Percy must have visited Langley Forest Schoolto help make it! We decided to make some more homes for the other animals…
We also made them some delicious food in the mud kitchen-incuding acorn and leaf soup for the squirrel. And had lots of fun playing with the squelchy mud in the digging pit!