Autumn treasures

13th October 2021

Both Oaks and Rowans classes enjoyed making these lovely Autumn sensory bottles this week in Forest School. 
The children collected leaves of varying colours on their way into the woods. They chose a bottle to put their leaves in, and then selected from a variety of autumn treasures including conkers, acorns, beech-nuts, sticks and pinecones. They made confetti by placing leaves under different shaped stampers… and added this to their bottles too. Finally they added water, oil -and some food colouring if they wanted to- and gave their sensory bottles a shake!
The leaf colours are spectacular at the moment and this week we made the most of it by investigating, talking about and sorting leaves of all sorts of different shades and colours… 
What a fabulous and adventurous morning Oaks had, working and playing together…
There was lots of lovely language and hands on learning going on during Rowans morning session…push/pull on the swing, full/empty in the digging pit, mix/more/runny/sloppy in the mud kitchen, higher/lower on the pulley…
 Cedars spent their afternoon learning about some of the birds we might find in Forest School. 
They started off with a bird treasure hunt – each finding a hidden picture in the woods. They then gathered together, listening carefully as Mrs Smith described a bird…and tried to work out and match up their own bird picture to the description.
We use the binoculars and ID books and sheets to try to spot some birds 
 We also made some apple bird-feeders to hang  up in the woods. 
We cut chunks of apple, made a hole in them using a skewer and then threaded them onto a pipe cleaner before twisting the top together.