Owl Babies and pumpkin fun

15th November 2023

This term, it’s Rowans and Willows turn to go out into Forest School. They will be doing lots of work based on the story ‘Owl Babies’.
We started our session by listening to the story…then we went on a story picture hunt. When all the pictures had been found, we sat in the log circle and helped to retell the story, and put the pictures in order. 
We made this beautiful leaf owl, taking turns to use a hammer to fasten ‘feather’ leaves into a big pumpkin, using golf tees. We added a smaller pumpkin for a head, apples for eyes, and a card beak. We loved our leafy owl!
We also used leaves to make an owl picture…
Everyone enjoyed choosing from all the different activities on offer and finding their own interests…
 Oaks had fun exploring …they rolled different pumpkins down a ramp, stuck leaves onto a picture, threaded leaves, found wooden numbers buried under leaves, hammered golf tees into pumpkins and played in the house!